TEDxPickeringStreet Adventures #1- #HappyMondays


Hello everyone! Due to overwhelming responses, we have decided to start a wait-list for the event. The wait-list works very simply. If you'd really like to attend the event, come down on the day itself, and 5 minutes before the event starts if there are no-shows, we will let anyone who is there in person in!

It's on a first-come-first-serve basis, and we will keep letting people in until we have run out of space. See you guys there!


These days, it's all about finding happiness through your work. We've all heard these sayings:

"Do what you love and you won't have to work anymore", "do what makes you happy", "follow your passion!" The idea is that if we found the right jobs, we would be happy.

What if we had to find what makes us happy first before we could find the right jobs?

The job that fulfilled our souls today could make us feel like an empty husk tomorrow, and that's normal. Because we change, and our passions change. In order to always have an up-to-date blueprint for your career and life, what you need first, are the tools of self-understanding.

Through this TEDxPickeringStreet Adventure, we hope to take you on an adventure of self-discovery, so that you will always have a blueprint in life that will lead you to the right career.


19 00- Registration
19 30- Adventure begins
20 45- Q&A time
21 00- Wrap up, networking!

About the SANDRA QUELLE (AKA why she's qualified to talk about this)

Creator and advocate for #HappyMondays
Founder & CEO of Vitae Advisor

Born in a charming little town in Spain, Sandra, like many of us, went on to study in university, where she received a degree in Business Management and then a Master Degree in Strategy Management and coaching.

Sandra then worked for several years in top international recruitment firms across Europe and Asia, during which she was awarded as a top consultant. She billed close to $800,000 for her company and positioned her recruitment team as the company's top performer in less than a year.
(The TEDxPS team: tldr, she's good at her job.)

Despite this, Sandra found something to be missing (doesn't that sound familiar), and she took a career break in 2015, which eventually led her to find her way to #HappyMondays. Eventually, She combined her passion for career advising with her experience in headhunting, as well as the knowledge acquired from great coaches, mentors and trainers to launch Vitae Advisor in 2016, to spread the message of #HappyMondays!

Her clients describe her as a career hacker and a realistic optimist, while her family and friends know her as the happiest and most passionate career strategist.

We just think she's awesome.

THE HIVE: The really really nice space where this is happening

The Hive is a coworking space for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups, not just in Singapore but also in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Taking up three converted shopohuses right across Clark Quay Central, it's accessible yet not part of the corporate office crowd and also surrounded by great cafes and eateries. Aside from the beautifully designed spaces, and an enthusiastic coworking community...well lets just say it doesn't hurt that 28 Hong Kong Street is just across the road...

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Wed May 3, 2017
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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